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gods_gone_wild's Journal

An Alternate Universe Gravitation Roleplay
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The Myth:

Once upon a time (or at the beginning of time, actually), there existed three Supreme Beings (not unlike the supreme gorditas you can get at Taco Bell today, only much tastier, 'cept they didn't come in Baja!). These three omnipotent gods went by the collective name of Nittle Grasper, and presided over a small chain of islands by the name of Kumagorou, on the massive Mt. Grasper, high in the clouds, where only the brave and strong could climb just high enough to reach their pearly gates.

Rulers of all, supreme and omnipotent, they grew easily bored. Thus they created a funny creature called man. Short for 'human', but one of the gods thought 'hu' was a stupid name. Humans proved to be rather amusing! But they could not be trusted to run their lives as such, so the gods created demi-gods and the Elements to help them run everything.

Demi-gods had all the powers of the gods except watered-down and... demi. The Elements were a unique bunch, only four selected to represent the four elements of nature - fire, water, earth, and air. The Elements, carefully created by the gods, were pure creatures, and extremely powerful, able to wield and control their element in any way they so pleased, though they often used that to their advantage, and sometimes in malicious ways (not so pure after all, hmm?). Elements were supposed to breed only with one another, and were forbidden to interact with the humans unless there was a dire emergency. Humans were too impure for these divine creatures, but that didn't stop the Elements from playing around with them (and it sure as hell didn't stop the gods from playing with anyone, either).

But apart from the deities, the humans on Kumagorou Islands live a relatively normal life. However, amongst gossip from village to village resides the topic of the infamous Fountain of Immortality, fabled to be hidden at a secret location on the Islands that only the gods, demi-gods, and Elements know of. The Fountain can grant anything that isn't already at this state eternal life and unlimited power, something quite treasured by the greedy humans. Many have attempted asking the deities for this information, but they have been annihilated on contact. It is blasphemous to tell the location of the Fountain, as it could wreak havoc on the whole of their people. That doesn't stop many from seeking it out, however... (translation: everyone's in for some trouble :D)

Rules of the RPG:

1. Please behave nicely. If you have problems with any of the other players, the RPG itself, personal issues or etc., then please seek one of the maintainers for help. This is a friendly community, and any troublemakers will be smited dealt with accordingly.

2. No god-modding will be allowed. You are only permitted to control your own character, and may not control another character in any other way without consent of his or her player.

3. This RPG will require players to roleplay on AIM, or any other instant messaging program. (Though many of us will probably use AIM, so it is preferred.) Players will RP in third person and in paragraph form (no single-liners or chat speak), and then post their convos in this community under an LJ-cut. Then, players are required to register an LJ for each character in which they will write in first person. Each character is not required to have their own AIM screenname. Just be sure to indicate which character you are playing when posting the convo.

4. This community will also be used to display announcements related to the roleplay and recaps/summaries of what went on each week. Only in-character discussions are allowed here. If you need to post something out-of-character, please visit our OOC community, gods_gone_ooc, and post there. All players should join the OOC community and be aware of any important notices posted there by the maintainers or other players.

5. Try to remain active in the RPG. If you cannot for some reason (like if you were going on vacation, or if you have decided to leave the RPG), then please notify us as soon as you can. We would appreciate it. :)

6. NC-17 and similar material are allowed, but must be put under an LJ-cut that indicates that it is of an adult nature.

7. Original characters will not be permitted until we have at least most of the canon character positions filled. Please do not audition one unless we indicate that it's alright to do so.

8. You may play more than one character if you feel you can handle it, or you can stand in for another character to help move things along until someone else auditions for them, at which time you will relinquish that character to them. Just contact the maintainers if you are interested.

9. We will obviously enlist a lot of artistic licenses in playing this particular RPG, so please feel free to let loose and be creative with your character. Do not, however, get out of control, as you will be smited dealt with accordingly as well.

10. Uh.. Don't forget to have some fun! :D

Applying for a Character:

If a character you want is available, then you can audition for him or her by e-mailing the maintainers with the following information...

Your name:
Your e-mail address:
Character you want to apply for:
Creature type and power:
(If applicable - see below for details)
RP experience: (Don't worry, we won't be very stingy
if you're new to the game ^^)
Sample post: (Must be at least eight lines long, and
can be in either first or third person; though if you
really want to impress us, try both :D)

Character List:

All classes of beings are listed in descending order of power. (Gods have the most power, humans have the least.)

The Gods (have supreme power; can control and do just about anything)
- Ryuichi Sakuma bowbeforeryu
- Noriko Ukai (available for audition)
- Tohma Seguchi symphonic_reign

The Elements (control a certain element in nature)
- Eiri Yuki (element: fire) fiery_facade
- Mika Seguchi (element: earth) (available for audition)
- Tatsuha Uesugi (element: water) in_your_mist
- Ayaka Usami (element: air) (available for audition)

Other Creatures (you may indicate what kind of creature you would like your character to be and what kind of power you would like them to have upon auditioning, but please make sure it fits in with the theme - for example, a centaur would be more fitting than a werewolf; also, please do not create an All Powerful Creature, as all things have weaknesses {and notice that "other creatures" is listed under "gods" and "the elements", so they have to at least have less power than them}; there will be a limit of six characters listed as an "other creature", so it's a first-come, first-serve ordeal, as we need at least some characters to be humans)
- all other characters (available for audition)

Humans (you may request that your character be a human upon auditioning; humans may have no special powers, but have the ability to be promoted to a higher status and/or power by the gods anytime during the roleplay)
- Shuichi Shindou _laliho
- Hiroshi Nakano moodyguitar (available for audition; has a pre-made journal donated by his previous player, though you do not have to use it if you don't want to; if you do, see a mod for the password)
- Suguru Fujisaki ng_heir
- all other characters (available for audition)

Extended explanations on all creatures are included in this post, and are updated occasionally.

If you have any questions (and I'm sure you have plenty ^^;;), please contact either Freya or Regina and ask away! Thank you, and please enjoy! :D

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