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Yuki Eiri

A meeting of brothers. Though not quite as sentimental-sounding as that...

Eiri and Tatsuha wander through a marketplace one afternoon in their human forms, discover one mighty interesting human creation, visit a bath house, and end up having quite the evening there. NC-17 material with incest. Pretty lengthy, too. ^^; Beware.

Tatsuha: One thing Tatsuha had never understood was why people wore clothes. First of all, they looked better without them. Secondly, they itched like hell and were uncomfortably dry. He scratched his shoulder for the nth time that day as they walked by yet another stand. It was just a mini city that was much more remote. The larger, more technologically advanced ones were usually never this far out into the wildnerness, more near ports. Tatsuha knew those well, but this was a nice break. Except for the clothing thing. "Dammit, where was that backscratcher?" he mumbled, looking at Eiri, then around in the little shopping bazaar for the place that sold them.

Eiri: Eiri had mastered the art of blending in with people, so wearing clothes for once wasn't as much of a shock for him. He often grew bored, hidden away in his volcano with no one to talk to or mess around with or anything, so would put on something decent and morph into his human form, wandering out into the small towns and villages, and even the bigger cities, observing people as they traveled around him. Humans were fascinating. And with his human form, his markings hidden and powers limited, he could almost appear to be just like them. Except amazingly better-looking, of course. "What's your problem?" Eiri asked his brother next to him, having watched him fidget for the past several minutes and growing annoyed with it. These outings were always more peaceful when he went alone. He couldn't remember why he decided to go out with Tatsuha that afternoon.

Tatsuha: Tatsuha forcibly brought his hand down, doing his best not to let it scratch again. "Damn things are too itchy," he said in a low voice, looking around suspiciously. "It feels like my skin is falling off. I need some moisturizer or something." In a huff, Tatsuha was about to give into another scratching fit again when he saw something that was far more interesting. "Hey~~, look at that!" Dark eyes went wide as he made a beeline for the stand with the strange object. He crouched down so that he was eye level with the thing. It was...strange. A long, cylander like structure, with some colors and floating thingies. But...it moved like liquid, and lava a the same time. AND it gave off light! Wow. "Oh shit...Eiri...look at it..."

Eiri: Rolling his eyes, Eiri let Tatsuha scratch himself in public, trying to appear disinterested. How embarrassing. Little brothers. Ugh. He hummed softly to himself, rolling his head this way and that out of boredom, blond hair falling in and out of his eyes, observing a few women several stands away, arranging quilts and smoothing them down for display. One of them was very pretty. Young. Eiri would say about sixteen. She started bending over, picking up a few loose threads from the ground, when Tatsuha rudely interrupted him with his loud voice, rushing off like a kid to one of the other stands in the marketplace. Frowning, Eiri turned in the direction he darted off, then saw some of the objects that Tatsuha was busying himself with. Hmmm... Those looked interesting... He started over slowly, wondering what they were.

Tatsuha: It was so...shiny. Hypnotising in every sense of the word. Tatsuha just stared, barely registering Eiri's presence. He raised one tenative finger to touch the surface...then quickly reeled it away when he did. The thing was hot! Glass smooth as wet ice but warm like the steam from Eiri's volcano. How could such a thing exist!? Ohhh look, the pink glob was splitting into two. "What...is it...?" Humans made the darndest things!

Eiri: Whoa... What was that? Eyebrows creased, Eiri bent to eye-level beside Tatsuha, reaching out to touch the goopy, light emitter. The glass was very hot, but Eiri's hand only tingled with he touched it, fingers following the litte blob of pink as it rose and then started to fall again. "What the fuck...?" he mumbled softly, nudging Tatsuha with his elbow. "What the hell is that? What is this thing? I've never seen anything like it before in my life..." Was it some kind of... pudding? Jell-O, maybe? Jell-O moved like that, he noted.

Tatsuha: "I...have no fucking clue..." he said, voice still in awe. How did the gloppy thing just move so fluidly? Silly pink gloppy thing...that must be the hot part, because it looked like it was floating in purple water. The two just stared at it, taken back by its strange beauty. Then Tatsuha said in a drone-like voice, "I want one."

Eiri: It was... surreal. The closest thing to godliness he'd ever seen, save for the gods, that was. And him, of course. "Well," he said, clearing his throat and straightening his back once more. "You can't have one. Because I'm going to have one, and you can't have what I have." He smirked lazily, stretching his arms. It was such a peaceful afternoon. The marketplace wasn't as crowded as it usually was. He looked off to the side. That girl was still there. He decided he would take her home with him one night this week. "Where's a vendor? I must have this thing as soon as possible."

Tatsuha: "Hey!" Well, that was bullshit. And unfair. Why did Eiri have to be such a prick sometimes. Tatsuha shot up to his feet, glaring bloody death at his seeming brother. "What the hell is with that? I found it first!" Ignoring that there was probably more than one, and they each could get one. It was the principle of the thing.

Eiri: Eiri turned narrowed, golden eyes on his younger sibling, balking. "Doesn't matter. It would fizzle out or something in your terrain. I deserve it more than you do." He tapped a finger against the cylindrical casing curiously. Hmm... Good thing it wasn't plastic. It would melt right off in his volcano. "But don't worry, Tatsu~," he continued in a sweeter, playful voice, teasing the other. "I'll bring you back here anytime you want if you still want to look at its greatness." He saw some movement nearby, and looked up. A hefty, elderly woman was nearing their stand. "Miss!" he called, glad to finally receive some service.

Tatsuha: That's it, Eiri was dead. He was flooding the volcano, no questions asked. Tatsuha clenched his fists until his knuckles turned white as the woman finally reached the stand. "What can I do for you two young lads?" Before Eiri could speak, Tatsuha jumped in. "Do you have more of the glowy things!?" The woman blinked, shocked at the sudden outburst, slowly bringing her gaze to the object in question. "Lava Lamps? Of course, what colors do you want?" Tatsuha gushed!

Eiri: Oh, hell no! Tatsuha, that bastard...!! Before the other male could respond to the vendor's question, Eiri jumped in this time. "It doesn't matter. I'll buy every one you have!" He was already thinking of all the places he could set them in his home. His kitchen table, his bedroom... Ooooh, would it make a nice, dim glow at night while he was having sex, its colors and shadows cascading over his and some random person's naked bodies, moving in animal-like rhythm? Now that was hot~ "And hurry, please!"

Tatsuha: Bastard! Evil, evil bastard! "What!?" Tatsuha looked like he was about to kill something, maybe he was? The vendor lady seemed hesitant, as only a dope wouldn't be able to pick up the tension and hostility building. "You FUCKER! You can't have them all!" he shouted, grabbing onto his brother's clothing with fingers like talons, ready to shake the man and toss him away if needed. He wanted one too, dammit!

Eiri: Glaring back equally as furiously, Eiri could sense that Tatsuha was about to eat him alive. But he was ready. He'd been dealing with his brother for eons, and knew how to work him well enough. "You bet I can!" His hands reached up and curled around Tatsuha's wrists. "And get off me! You're unsightly! People are watching!" He shoved Tatsuha backwards, his shirt wrinkled and stretched where the other had grabbed at him, and watched as he caused the other to stumble backwards and run into the stand, violently shaking everything on its surface. Including the "lava lamp". Eiri watched in disbelief as the magical cylinder slipped off the side of the table, and shattered into a million pieces on the ground.

Tatsuha: Everything went in slow motion, as the beautiful piece of human excellent tilted over. Oynx eyes went wide as it tilted even more, then went the WRONG direction. Gravity was the enemy as the wonderful little lamp touched the earth, glass beautiful then cracked like a spider web as it exploded, little glops, pretty water and wonderful masterpiece destroyed forever. There was a moment of complete silence as the onlookers stared, confused. Then Tatsuha launched himself at the culprit. "You KILLED it, you bastard!!"

Eiri: There was nothing but complete silence. Eiri stared down at the broken remnants of the human creation, wondering what was going to happen. Dammit. He would have to pay for it now, wouldn't he? And he doubted the lady would let him take another one home at this point. Maybe he could ask Tohma to fix it later, or make him a new one. "I killed it?" he hollered back, staring in total disbelief at his asshole for a brother. "What the fuck are you talking about?! You made it fall by running into it!"

Tatsuha: "You're the one who pushed me into it!!" he growled, tackling his brother to the ground. The dust and light dirt sand made a poof as they hit, flying all around them. When the little cloud cleared, one could clearly see Tatsuha sitting on his brother's stomach, one hand gripping onto the other's shoulder roughly as he raised a fist, ready to avenge the poor lamp's horrible death!

Eiri: "So what?!" Eiri snarled, stiffening his body as he saw that Tatsuha was about to attack him. "You should be more graceful!" He then felt something run into him, and he fell to the ground with a loud grunt, trying to shove the mass off. He coughed softly as the dust cleared, then looked up at Tatsuha straddling him, fist poised to punch him in the face. "What, you're going to hit me now? Get over it, you loser. She said she had more." Eiri started to sit up, hands fumbling to throw Tatsuha to the ground and off of him. All the humans were looking at them there. Eiri felt embarrassed, wanting to incinerate them all for witnessing him in a weaker moment. He hated it when humans looked down at him. He was so much stronger than all of them. It was completely ridiculous.

Tatsuha: But the lady had closed up her little stand, the remains of the lava lamp just left on the ground. It was for her own safety, really, but that didn't make it any easier on the two beings that wanted it. Tatsuha wiped dirt from his face from the heap on the ground he made, still glaring at his so-called-brother. He was so never going to forgive Eiri for this. He might be around people more in cities, but Tatsuha knew the lady wasn't stupid enough to sell them anything after that. "Yeah, where are they, then?" he asked in a sarcastic tone, pushing himself up into a sitting position.

Eiri: Eiri looked down at some of the only clothes he had. He was absolutely filthy! He sent Tatsuha another fiery glare, wanting to just smack the fuck out of him and leave his handprint there like a brand on a cow's ass. "Not my fault you made such a spectacle of us that she left. You deserve that." He shakily stood back up, giving the people who remained staring there dirty looks. What the hell did they want? Didn't they see the show was over now? He brushed the dirt from his clothes, shaking the cloth out as best he could. He decided he would wash all his dirty laundry in Tatsuha's river tomorrow. "Dammit..."

Tatsuha: Tatsuha huffed, refusing to admit that he, perhaps, had overreacted. But it was Eiri's fault, really! If he had just been willing to share, none of this would have ever happened, and they'd both be happy with their glowy things. But no, he had to be a selfish ass as usual. Looking away and trying to retain what dignity he had left, Tatsuha stood up and brushed off what dust he could. Okay, maybe they did need a wash...but he certainly wasn't inviting whatever his name was! So he looked around, then briskly left in the direction of a bath house. Now that seemed better...

Eiri: What a little bastard. Eiri gave Tatsuha a sidelong glance, realizing that something he said must have had some sort of impact on the fool, and then watched as Tatsuha started off somewhere. He frowned, turning his face to fully see him. "And where are you going?" he called, starting after Tatsuha at a slower pace. Not like he cared, or anything. They had come there together, and the least they could do was leave together. But they never did seem to get along enough to do that...

Tatsuha: Tatsuha, however, didn't feel like answring. He was allowed to be pissy when he felt like it. So he didn't respond, only barely looking over his shoulder before opening the doors to the bathhouse. Eiri could follow if he wanted, but Tatsuha sure wasn't about to invite him to come. Inside he walked to the counter, where a bored looking man sat reading a book. Tatsuha slammed both of his palms down, looking intent. The man was shaken back. "Uhh, can I help you?" Well, of course he could. Why did humans always ask that. "Private room, Tatsuha Uesugi," he said, feeling himself calm down a bit at the thought of a nice bath. Water always felt good. And he'd used his human name before. It helped when people thought you were one of them.

Eiri: A bath house? Eiri quirked an eyebrow. He didn't think they were that dirty. It was just a little dust. Being the water element must make Tatsuha pretty metrosexual, then. Eiri was covered in soot and sulphur more than half the time, so a little dust wasn't going to hurt him. He was just upset that his human clothes were soiled. It would actually require effort to clean them now. He walked into the building and stepped up to the receptionist, looking down some of the corridors in search of Tatsuha. "Hey, you," he said to the guy sitting there with his book. "Did a Tatsuha Uesugi just come in here? He looks just like me, except uglier, and dark of hair and eye." Eiri drummed his fingers on the countertop, bored and annoyed.

Tatsuha: The man looked up from his book again. "Yeah, are you Eiri?" He didn't wait for a response, leaning forward in his chair to point down one of the hallways. "All the way down, take a right and it's the 4th door on the left." With that, he plopped back down and reopened the book. He must learn if poor Cassandra would ever meet back with her lover Hulio!

Eiri: Eiri was a bit surprised by the man's response. Oh? Had Tatsuha been expecting him, then? He nodded his thanks and started down the hallways, feeling steam from people's showers cling to his body as he ventured. It was rather hot in there... Nothing he couldn't handle, of course. He counted the stalls as he passed them, eyes wandering to the people inside. Those two in Shower Twelve were so having sex. He could hear their soft grunting, Eiri vaguely seeing the outline of their bodies through the beaded curtains as they moved. He smirked, turning to the right and coming to the designated shower. He heard running water from inside, and carefully parted the beads, peeking in.

Tatsuha: Tatsuha's clothes were tossed haphazardly into a corner, dust and dirt that had collected on them now pooled around the heap. But Tatsuha himself seemed to have disappeared in the room that was slowly beginning to steam up. The large bath was literally part of the floor. There was a landing at the wall of the entrance and along the right side, but at least eighty percent of the room was filled with water. The various tiles gave the room a nice calm blue and white look. It was only seconds later that Tatsuha's head popped up from underneath the surface of the water, slowly beginning to heat up. Wet hair stuck to his still human face, but he recognized Eiri immediately. "Hurry up and come in before people take the invitation."

Eiri: Having never been in a bath house before, Eiri found himself a little fascinated, admiring the tiles and the calm, clear waters claiming most of the floorspace. He slipped inside the room slowly, the beads making a soft twinkle of noise as they straightened behind him. He toyed with the hem of his shirt before pulling it off, tossing it to another corner, and started to undo his pants. Oh, this steam was making him dizzy... In a good way, of course. "And what compelled you to come here, hmm?" Eiri asked, now naked, and found some steps at the side of the bath, slowly submerging himself in the heated waters.

Tatsuha: Dark eyes scanned Eiri up and down a few times as the man stepped into the bath, before averting their gaze back to the water. "What else?" he asked, poking the surface with a finger and watching the little ripples pool out. "It's so fucking dry and...dry outside. And dusty." A pause. "And dry." Well, it was! The nearest body of water was too far away for his tastes. "This is much nicer."

Eiri: The water pooled around his chest when he was fully submerged, and he floated his way over to Tatsuha slowly, sighing, content. It felt so good to be in such calming water, feeling his body ebb and flow with the small waves created, being massaged by the water. He closed his eyes a minute until he floated into Tatsuha, then stood when he gained his grounding again. "So you came here to get wet?" he said, playfully swatting some water at Tatsuha and moving away to avoid the other doing the same, chuckling under his breath. "You know you could have just come to me~..."

Tatsuha: Tatsuha relaxed as well, pleased to be in more familiar territory. It was sad that neither of them had a glowy thingy, but Tatsuha remembered it perfectly, and the next time they went into a big city, he vowed to get one. It was a pretty glowy thingy, he thought before coming back to as Eiri bumped into him. At his brother's words, he snorted as the hints of a smirkcurled at the corners of his mouth. "You? You'd probably set me on fire or pour the glowy thingy's stuff on me." Which did sound uncomfortable. Tatsuha made a fist with his hands, squirting the water with pretty good range to land on Eiri's nose.

Eiri: Eiri wrinkled his nose, making a dissatisfied noise in the back of his throat before slapping the surface of the water, sending a small wave of water in Tatsuha's direction. "That damn glowy thing..." he snarled quietly, swimming closer. "Look, I'll buy you all the damn glowy things you want if you'll just shut up..." When he swam close enough, he reached forward and tilted Tatsuha's head up, leaning in and teasingly chewing on his bottom lip, stroking his wet, slippery chin. "Alright..?"

Tatsuha: "Aww, but you wouldn't want me to shut up, really," he purred, seeming to forget any hostility he felt before. Okay, so there would be more glowy things, and he could hold Eiri to his promise later. Tatsuha brought his tongue out to give a quick lick to Eiri's lips, before sighing dramatically in conset. "...Alright, you win," he said with a slight frown, eyes trailing down Eiri's mouth to his jaw, down his neck. "No more glowy thing talk." For now, at least. Tatsuha conceeded, putting his hands on Eiri's chest and pushing his brother further out into the deeper end of the room-tub.

Eiri: Shivering gently at the lick, Eiri smirked, licking him back. "That's more like it." He felt Tatsuha's hands pushing him in the water, and he slipped his hands around the other's waist, pulling him along. "Where did you find this place?" he asked, eyes wandering around the steamed room once more. "This bath house, I mean. I've never seen it before. I never even knew humans had public baths." Well, he had mainly only been to bigger cities in all his days. The public bath idea must have been something they only did in more rural areas as this.

Tatsuha: Tatsuha just shrugged, running his hands down the front of Eiri's torso, tracing out the little dips and defintion of muscle he found there with his fingers. "I'm pretty good and finding almost all sources of water. And they're kinda old fashioned, but some places still have 'em. Like this one," he said with a grin. He really liked it, though. Most conveneint. "I found it 'cause I had stayed here for too long one time, and I started turning back, ya know? So I found this pretty quickly and everything worked out like a dream."

Eiri: "Hah. Baka," Eiri muttered, chuckling again, aching for Tatsuha to move lower with his hands. "You know better than that. Don't let your risky behavior get you in trouble one day..." He swam just a bit closer, bringing his face nearer. "I'm tired... of having to bail you out... all the time..." His breathing shallowed, and his lips tingled, just being so close to Tatsuha's own pair. "Now kiss me before I do something about it, little brother..." His hands on Tatsuha's hips slipped lower, heavy and slow from moving in water, and cupped Tatsuha's ass in his palms, giving them a firm squeeze.

Tatsuha: Hm, as if Eiri was one to be talking about being risky. But in favor of other activities, Tatsuha kept quiet and just grinned. He met Eiri's lips roughly, hands sliding down lower, closer, but still not touching. Working his mouth against his brother's, Tatsuha pressed himself completely against the other, then slowly broke away. "It's taking too long for the bath to heat up...do something about it?" he asked quietly, fingers dancing just above Eiri's more sensitive areas.

Eiri: Eiri shivered from Tatsuha's teasing hands, moaning softly into their kiss. He massaged his lips roughly against his brother's, hungry to taste him. Disappointed when Tatsuha finally pulled away, his eyes brightened at the other's idea, a smirk pulling at the corners of his lips. "Hmm, you mean this...?" Hailing a bit of power, Eiri's body emanated heat that started to quickly warm the water around them, but not enough to break a boil. It felt much like a jacuzzi instead. "Or... this?" Eiri leaned in again, hand wriggling around underwater, until he managed to find Tatsuha's cock, giving it a nice pump in his hand.

Tatsuha: Ahh, that was way too convenient. Eiri was like a portable heater! But when said man found his rising hard on, Tatsuha's hips instinctively bucked forward, trying to find more friction beneath the water. "Nngh!" He reached out, grabbing onto Eiri's hips, digging his fingers in harsly. "Gods...don't just stop there!" Why was he so needy today? Maybe that's what the glowy thing really did...Tatsuha leaned forward and bit onto Eiri's shoulder, leaving nice teeth marks already.

Eiri: Eiri was immediately pleased with the reaction he brought Tatsuha, licking his lips in anticipation. The smirk grew on his face, and he leaned in until they were cheek to cheek, murmuring heatedly into Tatsuha's ear, "Don't worry. I don't intend to." He winced a bit at the teeth marks and the fingers, squeezing Tatsuha's dick harder in return, letting his index finger snake out and stroke his balls beneath gently, almost affectionately. He didn't mind Tatsuha hurting him, as long as it was for a good cause. "Tell me what you want, Tatsu~..."

Tatsuha: Tatsuha moaned into his brother's skin, biting down harder and trying to move his hips again. One hand slipped down further to grab Eiri's erection in kind. "Just fucking get to the fucking, Eiri..." he growled, but more from lust than impaitence. Starting to pump his brother's cock, Tatsuha let his hand slowly grow cold until he could feel the water around it chill as well.

Eiri: Now how could he refuse a request like that? Eiri smirked against Tatsuha's ear, breathing in it a minute, when he felt the other male grab his own member, hand growing cold. Eiri gasped, hands grasping at Tatsuha desperately, feeling goosebumps begin to cover his lower body and his cock twitching in Tatsuha's hand. "Aahhh...! B-bastard..." He managed to warm the water again before his cock could shrivel, remembering what happened last time Tatsuha had done such a thing. His dick almost caught frost bite, and he never did forgive Tatsuha for that incident, but he learned from it. "Alright, I get the p-point..." He shivered one last time before placing his hands on the other's hips, trying to flip him around and against the side of the bath.

Tatsuha: He couldn't help it, he liked to get under Eiri's skin every once in a while. Okay, often...okay, all the time. But after recieving the reaction he was hoping for, Tatsuha slowly warmed up his hand and let go, letting his brother turn him around, Holding onto the sides of the tub, he sighed, then looked over his shoulder. "Why do you always like to do it this way...?"

Eiri: Glad that Tatsuha finally released his abused cock, he gently pressed the other against the wall of the tub, pressing his chest to Tatsuha's back. "Because it gets the job done," he said, stroking his hip idly. "Why? Do you have another idea?" Taking one finger, Eiri wriggled the digit between Tatsuha's cheeks and gently circled his opening there. It felt a little different to do this under water. Would it feel as good, too? "Relax," he instructed the other, and started to push his finger past the tight ring of muscle, slowly worming his way in to the knuckle. "Aaah... You're tight like a virgin, Tatsu..." Sometimes, it was fun to get under Tatsuha's skin as well.

Tatsuha: Well, yeah, he did, but it felt kinda stupid to say it, he realized. Eiri was right, it got the job done."N-no..." Tatsuha hissed as he felt Eiri's finger, muscles instrinctively clamping down on it. He always wondered why bodies did that, but the thought quickly left his mind at Eiri's next comments. "What...?" He glared forward, hands gripping harder onto the edge of the large tub. "Why, you asshole..." Tatsuha was anything BUT a virgin! How dare Eiri say anything differently! This time he clamped down hard, not allowing Eiri's finger to move at all. Reaching behind him, Tatsuha slid his arms down Eiri's sides to give his brother's ass a hefty squeeze as well. "Don't get to cocky..."

Eiri: Eiri was surprised when Tatsuha suddenly clamped down so hard on his finger he couldn't move it, trying to tug it out, knowing he probably could if he tried hard enough, but not willing to hurt Tatsuha in the process. He bucked his hips into Tatsuha's ass, his swelling cock trapped between them, when the other squeezed his behind, generally not liking his ass to be touched. "Ahh! Let go, you b-bastard... H-heh... But you like it when I'm cocky, ne...?" With his finger still shoved into Tatsuha's ass like a Chinese finger trap, his other hand grabbed his cock and rubbed it against the younger male, enjoying the friction of their skin together.

Tatsuha: Tatsuha gave an involuntary shudder, fingers digging into Eiri's ass a little more. Okay, so maybe he did sometimes, but right then he felt like they'd both gotten to their insult que for the day...that in might, Tatsuah slowly relaxed himself, fingers included, and sighed. "Just don't make me turn this thing into an ice block..." Sometimes sex was more important tnat sibling rivalry.

Eiri: Pulling his finger out to flex - Tatsuha better not have broken it or something - Eiri returned it into his channel with a second finger, scissoring him open gently. "You.. better fucking not..." he said softly, feeling around curiously to see if he could find Tatsuha's "special place". He liked hearing the other raise his voice. Just not in an angry way, or anything. Eiri, contrary to popular belief, disliked altercations, and liked to keep as much peace as salvageable. "Aaah... T-Tatsuha~..." He also disliked foreplay, and only did it because it sucked to pull out with blood all over your dick, and a weeping partner who'll keep you up all night crying in pain. Therefore, Eiri was pretty ready, his cock throbbing in the water.

Tatsuha: Eiri was lucky that Tatsuha was willing to bottom as much as he did. But the upside was he had rights to very kinky times on top. He was also lucky that Tatsuha tended to like to get down to business as quickly as possible. Bringing his hands back to the tile, he sighed, slowly moving his hips back against the rhythm of Eiri's fingers. Suddenly, he felt that special button inside of him strummed like an instrument, and couldn't help the moan and full body shiver that followed. "Aaahhhnnn...un..gods, Eiri, go!" Okay, he was ready.

Eiri: "Damn," Eiri said, smirking against Tatsuha's skin as he nibbled on his shoulder. "You don't have to yell." He slowly withdrew his fingers, quickly drawing his cock to position at his stretched entrance, and buried himself inside to the hilt with three good thrusts. He was slick with the water around them, so it was easy enough. The water just pooled everywhere, and it felt a little weird, water splashing against his heated back and underwater, waves brushing against his exposed ass and his sensitive balls. He'd never had sex in water before. Surprisingly. Eiri thought he could learn to like this, and visit Tatsuha's home more often because of it. "Nnnnghh..."

Tatsuha: Tatsuha leaned down to bite his knuckle as Eiri entered him more quickly than expected. He took a moment to adjust himself, letting go of his own hand and getting used to the feeling of floating there while having someone behind and inside him. But the water was his home, so if he couldn't physically reach Eiri, he'd find some other way to make this much more interesting. Flicking his hips back against his brother, Tatsuha signaled he was ready, realligning his hands on the tile. Better get a good grip...just in case.

Eiri: The other tensed around him when Eiri entered, and he paused for a minute, realizing that he might have gone too fast, letting Tatsuha adjust to him. It was hard, he was so heavy with need and wanted nothing more than to thrust into him over and over until they were both spent, but he had years of experience under his belt - literally - and knew how to handle his urges. After another moment, Tatsuha seemed good to go, and Eiri slowly pulled out of him. When just the tip remained, he thrust back in smoothly, aiming for that spot once more. Making people go wild and crazy was his specialty, after all.

Tatsuha: It was amazing how much the water seemed to make their movements fluid. But he still wasn't expecting for Eiri to go for the gold so quickly. Tatsuha held on tightly as another wave of pleasure shot up through his body, warming it and making him tingle with a groan he tried to bite back. "Ahhnn...Eiri~..." he moaned, letting his cheek rest on the cool tile. Okay, time to start...Tatsuha closed his eyes, letting Eiri establish the pace as his breath began to hitch along with it. Water slowly began to build and sping beneath their floating feet, then gently ride up and down Eiri's legs.

Eiri: When Tatsuha spoke his name - no, moaned his name - all Eiri's tension melted and he completely relaxed, letting his eyes fall shut and his body move as it wished. This felt great. In water, their movement wasn't hindered at all, it acting like a giant lubricant. They moved together so well. Eiri's heart was beating madly, and with each snap of his hips, he warmed his cock up using a bit of his powers, wondering how Tatsuha would respond to the warmth within him. It wasn't that much hotter. He didn't want to burn him, now. It would be a while before he could fuck him again if he did. "Aaah... Ahhh... G-gods..." he mumbled softly, when he suddenly felt something twirling around his legs. He faltered, looking down into the water around their limbs. Did these baths have creatures in them or something? What the fuck was that?! All he saw was water, however, but he knew he felt something. "Tatsuha..." he said, clearing his throat. Blond hair clung to his forehead and the back of his neck from the steam, and he tousled his hair, brushing off the slick strands. They were starting to chafe. "What the fuck is that in the water? Do you feel it?"

Tatsuha: Tatsuha chuckled, amused that Eiri couuldn't tell what was going on. But that was stifled quickly as he felt the throbbing length inside of him turn it up a few notches, responding with a breahtless gasp. "G-Gods, Eiri..." So warm, so warm, Much warmer than the water. He barely registered his brother's question. He couldn't help but smirk. Pushing himself off the rim of the tub, Tatsuha leaned fully against Eiri, back to chest, and rubbed himself up and down along the man's torso. "Mmmm...I feel it..." Oh did he feel it! A tendril of water rose up behind them, then suddenly began to kneed the skin on Eiri's back, with a touch cooling down and seeming to make more steam rise off that skin.

Eiri: Tatsuha pressed himself against his chest, and Eiri's cock sunk in even deeper. It was incredible. His eyelids fluttered shut again, moving in and out of Tatsuha in the water, and felt something stir behind him, then start to massage his back. Something very wet. It took him a moment to realize that the water was acting very unnatural, and that it was Tatsuha's doing, relaxing once more. Thank gods it wasn't a loch ness monster or something... That would not have been very sexy. "Nnngh... Ahh... Ooooh~..." Perhaps he should use a little more magic of his own? Eiri reached around and slid his hand down Tatsuha's chest, hand warm enough to evaporate the beads of water there, rising from Tatsuha's chest as steam.

Tatsuha: This was really something else, and something he was really enjoying. Tatsuha let his head lull back to rest against Eiri's shoulder, tilting it to the side to ghost his lips and teeth against Eiri's neck. But his lips stayed open as he gasped again, slowly molding into a hiss a he felt the hot hands on his chest, a definite contrast to the water. "Ahhh...Eiri, harder~..." he mumbled, biting on the closest patch of skin available and squeezing down on his brother's hot cock. The water slowly moved down the other's back, sliding and leaving nice wet rails of chill on his skin, moving down, down...

Eiri: Driving him crazy with his water tricks, Eiri's hand wrapped around Tatsuha's cock in front, warming his hand in the slightest to raise the other's temperature, his own body igniting with lust from within but shivering with goosebumps outside. Tatsuha was pressing down around him, and his mouth was teasing his neck. And very slowly Eiri pulled back, then rammed his cock forward roughly, a primal cry slipping past his lips. If harder was what he wanted, then harder is what he'll get! Eiri continued working his hips like a piston, hands digging into Tatsuha's own hips hard enough to leave bruises - well, it served him right after their day - until he felt the tip of his arousal brush up against that sweet spot again. Oh, sweet.

Tatsuha: Eiri's hands were on fire, and if it wasn't for the tub, probably literally. When Tatsuha felt his neglected erection suddenly be fisted by those hands, a strangled cry escaped his throat, eyes falling shut. His hips bucked forward against Eiri's thrusts, trying to get what friction he could underneath the surface of the water. And then he did go harder. Tatsuha had to bring his head back up and reach out for the tiled rim of the large tub once again to brace himself. "Nnn...Y-yeah, like tha-----aahh~...t...." The chilled water slipped down the other man and up between his legs to create little twirling pools around his balls, and that was when Tatsuha cried out as he felt that special spot being hit.

Eiri: Eiri smirked to himself, panting heavily against Tatsuha's neck. It felt nice to hear those sounds. To know that he was causing those sounds. Tatsuha could say whatever he wanted during the day, but at night, his ass still belonged to Eiri, he thought smugly. The water twirled lower down his backside, and Eiri bunched his lower muscles, wondering what it was going to do. With the younger male pressed down around him, hot with his own heat, but still chilled enough to create a tantalizing contrast with their bodies, Eiri pinned him farther against the wall, pressing himself flat against his back and crying out harshly, biting his lips and biting Tatsuha as he felt his balls being tickled and massaged by the whorl. "NNNNGAH! G-gods, Tat... Ahhh... Too f-fucking incredible..." The water lapped at the walls of the tub and against their bodies, waves growing higher, as Eiri increased their rhythm again.

Tatsuha: Tatsuha was practically humping the tiles by then, feeling his cock slide against the smooth sides and then the rough grouting, while having Eiri pounding into him like a hot iron was amazing. He panted against the same tiles, moaning Eiri's name as he felt the continuous sensation of his prostate being hit or grazed. Eiri had excellent aim, heh heh. "Ahhhh~hh...Eiri~...mmnngh!" That cool water continued to fondle his brother, as one part slipped up to tease the other's ass, before suddenly giving those balls a firm squeeze and rushing up the back of his body.

Eiri: There were so many things going on at once. Eiri felt steam and sweat fly from his body, water lapping up the front and back of his torso, his hips sliding against Tatsuha in so fluid a manner, that he could feel the beginnings of his orgasm uncoil in his very core. "Nnnnngh... Ahhh.. Gnngh... Tatsu~...!" His lower half was blazing, warming the water around him rapidly - though this worried him, because he tended to lose a bit of control when he came - but the cool water fondling him was doing a lot to be soothing. Gods, did Tatsuha know how to do that this whole time? He would have to fuck the other under water more often. "Mmngh... I'm coming," he muttered over the sound of their splashing, giving Tatsuha's cock one heated squeeze with his palm to bring the other over with him.

Tatsuha: That one squeeze was what did it for him. The sudden surge of heat around his cock caused Tatsuha's fingers to grip roughly to the smooth sides of the tub as he felt his hips suddenly jerk forward and spasm. A wave like the tide passed over hiim as he came into their little pool, crying out incoherently and clamping down roughly on his brother in the process. The water gave a sudden shake of icey coolness before it immediately warmed back up.

Eiri: One of Eiri's hands reached out to steady himself against the tiles above Tatsuha's hands as he felt his brother writhe beneath him, the water surrounding them both suddenly dropping rapidly in temperature before stabilizing again. Eiri gasped at the cold and came hard, body jerking several times as he emptied his seed deep inside Tatsuha with a loud grunt. Mind fogged and completely dizzy with his lust, he only felt himself floating in the water, the little whirls Tatsuha made swirling and teasing him in all the right ways. The water enflamed around them before quieting once again, and Eiri collapsed limp against Tatsuha's back, gasping for breath. His brain had shut down for a minute there...

Tatsuha: He let out a moan that was stifled by his own arms as Eiri came and the water changed in temperature yet again. But as things began to even out and quiet down, he just hung loosely against the tub side, resting his head in his arms. Tatsuha sighed contentedly, and just took a moment to relax and feel his brother's chest against his back evening out in breathing as well. But after that moment he gave a groan, trying to push himself up again with little avail. "Mmhh...Eiri..." Then he just gave up. Screw moving. "Just...wanna......vegetitate..."

Eiri: His chest still streaked with sweat, Eiri cupped some of the bath water in his hands and ran it over his torso, cooling himself down. Hey, even he could overheat sometimes. "We can stay in this room as long as we want? They won't kick us out at some point?" He was in no way complaining, though. He didn't mind having his cock shoved up Tatsuha's ass all day. It belonged there. "Ahh... It's really hot in here, hmm?" he commented, tossing his head and watching small beads of sweat fly from the tips of his blond hair. Heavy breathing slowly quieting, he continued to bathe himself. It was kind of disgusting, thinking of himself floating around in Tatsuha's cum. Maybe they should swim over to the other side of the tub...?

Tatsuha: Tatsuha nodded a little distractedly to all the questions. His muscles were sore, but the water was thankfully rejuvinating. For a moment as he stretched, Tatsuha wondered how every big fight to petty arguement they seemed to develop always ended up in sex? Well, it certainly was a good release of tension...though at the moment it was preventing Tatsuha from turning around. "Hey, Eiri," he started, pushing himself up more straightly and giving his brother's cock a quick squeeze. "Could you?" He wanted to swim, and it's hard to do that with someone's dick up your ass. Really.

Eiri: Hm. A cigarette sounded pretty nice at that moment. Too bad he didn't have one on him. He wondered if the workers of the bath house offered some service. Maybe he could call for an attendant to give him one, or even a cigar. With champagne, of course. Oh, what luxury. Eiri was a man of refined tastes, after all, and expected that kind of treatment. Or else! Heh. "Wha...?" he muttered, focusing again after having been lost in his thoughts. He jumped a bit from the clench around his flaccid cock, a bit perturbed. Tatsuha knew he needed some time to recover. If the baka wanted to go again, he would have to be fucking patient. "Oh..." he said after a minute, realizing the other's intention sheepishly. He gave Tatsuha's ass a playful pinch. "Well, if I must~..." Pulling out, Eiri floated a bit away, sighing softly to himself.

Tatsuha: Unlike Eiri, Tatsuha didn't need much time to recover. He was like the first energizer bunny or something, but without the bunny thing and the drum. When Eiri pulled out he winced a little, then sighed. He felt a little empty, but he'd be damned if he admitted that. Tatsuha just took a second to compose himself, before just slipping down and disappearing beneath the surface. He knew these tubs could work like a jacuzzi, and he wanted to make them do it...the bubble things were too fun to ignore!

Eiri: Once at a comfortable distance away from Tatsuha's cum and in cooler, unused waters of their bath, Eiri leaned back against the side of the tub, half-sitting on a step that he found there. Ahh, now this was a relaxing way to bask in gratifying afterglow. He heard a soft plop of noise and looked up, finding himself empty in the room. He glanced down at the surface of the water. What was Tatsuha doing now? Oh, well. He had had his fill for the moment, and didn't care what else the other did at that point. Eiri closed his eyes, being lulled by the gentle waves lapping at his chest, ready to take a short nap.

Tatsuha: Hmm, well, those were certainly the right plumbing things. While the technology wasn't great, he knew they would work. Now where was tha...ah ha! By one of the pumps, there was some sort of lever or switch or something. Tatsuha swam easily over toit. First he poked it, noting that it definitely needed a clean. But whatever. Pulling the thing down, he felt the water around each pump begint to warm up, before teeny little air bubble began to surface. Awesome!

Eiri: The water was calm, and he could almost forget about Tatsuha being where he couldn't see him, Eiri was so relaxed. Then something started happening under the water, and his eyes groggily opened. What is that...? Suddenly, a rush of bubbles washed over his ass, and he jumped, pushing away from the wall where he sat. Whoa!

Tatsuha: Tatsuha, however, thought it was insanely amusing and sat ontop of one of the water pumps. Being able to breathe under water had its advantages definitely. But he couldn't help but start to laugh at the view he had. Eiri's lower have, suddenly moving out of the way. He could just imagine the look on his brother's face. Deciding to see it for himself, Tatsuha kept low to the bottom of the tub, swimming over and positioning himself below the pump. The bubbles increased in size and volume, and after a moment, Tatsuha let himself rise up with them, suddenly popping out of the water, sending a big splash over Eiri. Too bad he couldn't pull a Nessy.

Eiri: The water in their tub began to bubble all over, and it took Eiri a minute to realize that it had turned into a jacuzzi. But how? Did Tatsuha do something down there? He gasped and held his breath, ready to plunge into the water to find out, when Tatsuha suddenly burst from the surface and splashed him. Damn. He choked and sputtered, wiping water from his eyes. "Idiot..." he growled, hair flopping over his eyes messily as he glared at his brother. "What are you doing?"

Tatsuha: Well, Eiri was certainly being as stick in the mud. Great way to say 'yeah, thanks for letting me fuck you for the nth time. sorry I don't let you on top more often'. At least that's what Tatsuha thought. Not that he minded much, but...well, Eiri was being a stick in the mud. "Don't act too thrilled, your enthusiasm might boil over the water," he said sarcastically. "What does it look like? I turned the bubbly thingy on." Why? Because he could.

Eiri: Eiri rolled his eyes. Well, duh. He could see that. "Hey, look, I know you can swim around in the water all day, but I'm not built like you are, and I'm really starting to prune. So do you mind if we finished up here? I'd actually like to do something productive today." He floated his way back to one corner of the tub and climbed up the few steps out of the water. "Besides, I feel like I'm going to change back soon." Water dripped from his body as he walked away from the tub and over to his discarded clothes. Oh, they were still dirty. That's right. He was going to wash them in Tatsuha's river tomorrow. Looking around, Eiri found a shelf of fresh towels tacked onto one wall, and eagerly took one, wiping himself down. How refreshing that was.

Tatsuha: Tatsuha sighed dramatically. Yup, stick in the mud. What was up his ass? (Clearly not Tatsuha, at the moment, at least). With a slump he floated over to the side as well, using another tendril of firm water near the bottom to flip the lever off. Eiri owed him one. Stepping out of the tub, Tatsuha took his pile of sooty clothes and just dumped them into the mini pool. Then he sat on the side, feet dangling into the water as he moved his hands above the surface like he was playing an intrusment. And the water followed, folding over and running through and in the clothes until the dirt was all but washed out. Sure they were damp, but he liked wet.

Eiri: Luckily, Tatsuha's clothes seemed to have gotten more soiled than his, so Eiri's didn't look too bad as he slipped back on his shirt and his slacks. He curiously looked over and saw Tatsuha washing his clothes in the bath water, quirking an eyebrow. It was kind of cute. "This was a nice place," he said after a short silence, leaning against the side of the beaded doorway, waiting for Tatsuha to come join him. He was glad that Tatsuha had "brought" him there that afternoon, even though they had to get into a big, embarrassing public fight to do it.

Tatsuha: But then again, that's how most things started between them. A few millenia of it made you pretty accustom, though. Tatsuha had the waters ripple the clothes back over to him, and grabbed them out of the now dirty water as he stood up. "Yeah, it's pretty cool," he agreed, slipping the clothes on even still soaking wet. At least they weren't itchy this way, though they clung to you like hell. Humans needed a few redesignings of some of their fashions, he reckoned. "So you need to get back to your cave, huh?" he asked, walking over to Eiri and the door with big sloshing steps. Ahh, sweet moisture.

Eiri: Eiri watched Tatsuha trudge over to him, feet making squishy noises on the tiled floor. What a mess. Ugh. That fool. Nevertheless, a smirk tugged at the corners of his lips, and he reached out when his brother was close enough, touching the hem of Tatsuha's shirt and using his power to quickly warm and dry off the water. "You're still a human right now, baka," he said softly, running his hand through the other's dark hair to dry that, too. "Don't go catching a cold." Eiri then turned, pulling the beaded curtains aside and stepping through them, the steam of the other showers palpable and heavy in the air around him. "Now hurry up. Let's go somewhere."

Tatsuha: Tatsuha frowned a bit as Eiri dried him off - he rather liked being damp - but didn't fight it either. He'd had his share of water for the moment and would be fine for a while. "Can we catch colds?" he asked as the frown borderlined a pout, though he'd rather be shot in the balls than admit it. Well, maybe not that. Taking one last look of the room, Tatsuha stepped through the curtain after his brother, trotting just beside them as they made their way down the hall. "Go where?" More glowy thingys?

Eiri: "I don't know," Eiri said when Tatsuha stepped out of the room, giving him a playful tweak on the nose. Well, his nose was cold, but he didn't really think that they could actually catch colds, so he was sure Tatsuha would be fine. "And I don't know where to go. Anywhere. Nowhere. I don't care." Being immortal kind of sucked sometimes. What was there left to see once you've seen it all? He started down the hallway, and stopped by the receptionist counter again, paying that dull guy for their time in the bath. By that time, it was early evening, the sun just starting to set over the sky. The cool evening made up for that steaming bath house, Eiri enjoying the soft breeze and watching as vendors started packing up their stands to go home for the night.

Tatsuha: He took in a deep breath of the fresh air and sighed. Yeah, it did suck sometimes. But you also could appreciate life more, he thought. So much time to watch it and learn it, while humans just zipped by at fast pace. Though he supposed humans took it less for granted. "Hey Eiri..." he started quietly, looking up to the sky. "Can we ever die?"

Eiri: Starting down the dirt path where they had come, Eiri dug his hands into the pockets of his slacks, looking up at Tatsuha beside him. Where had that come from all of a sudden? He never knew his brother to think that deeply about anything before. Besides the obvious stuff. "Not that I know of," he said, kicking a small rock out of his path with his big toe. "We're a part of nature. We're necessary. We shouldn't be able to die, unless it's the end of the world or something." He shrugged. "I don't think the gods will let us die."

Tatsuha: "Hm." He supposed that was a good thing. But, what did that mean then? Honestly, Tatsuha himself didn't know why he was thinking about it, or cared. But, he kinda did too. If they were a part of nature they were a part of life, but if they couldn'tdie..."Does that mean we're not living?" he asked, turning to watch Eiri's profile.

Eiri: Frowning, Eiri turned to face him, eyes stormy and a little bewildered. "Why are you asking me such hard questions? If you really need to know, go ask the gods. They'll tell you." He turned away, continuing down the path. Awww... That pretty girl wasn't there at that stand anymore. 'Twas a shame. He would have to snatch her up next time. "Why do you need to know? What's up with you today?"

Tatsuha: Tatsuha wasn't sure what brought on the thoughts, but Eiri's pissyness to his questions wasn't welcomed either. "I don't need to know. I was just wondering, geez," he said with a glare, following his brother. "Excuse me for being interested in your opinion."

Eiri: Eiri only rolled his eyes, walking in silence. Of course he was pissy. He hated admitting that he didn't know something. And they were questions that he had often thought about years ago, but decided to let go of in favor of just enjoying and living out his years, not worrying about the small stuff. Perhaps next time he came across Tohma, he would bring those questions up. "Whatever."
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