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[Admin Post]

This RPG is now open and accepting applications for characters! *claps* :D It took us a bit of time to get things ready, but it's all set now, and we're ready to rumble! :D ;;; Please read the user info page for any and all information you may need about applying for characters. As of right now, we are only accepting canon characters (the Gravitation cast), but if things become successful enough, we will announce when it is okay to start applying for original characters.

Our contact information is located at the bottom of the user info page. Your application will be emailed to us, and we will notify you after consulting each other if you're in. (You probably will be. *lol* We're not mean, picky people. :o) After that, feel free to make a character journal, join this community and the OOC community, and start playing! (And pimp us around, of course.)

Thanks, good luck, and happy playing. ^____^
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